Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Thoughts On Saving Seeds...

This tomato plant came from seeds that Fred saved from last year's tomatoes by cutting a tomato in half, squirting the seeds onto a paper towel, letting it dry out, and then storing it in the garage (cool and dark), in a bag. So simple. Now we have a half a dozen Purple Cherokee plants! This practice is not only efficient and simple, but it has a deep hand in protecting the diversity of edible plant life on the planet. If you think this is waxing too poetic, just read the following article in Vanity Fair this month about Monsanto's Harvest Of Fear, which already un-feeds the world with its genetically modified terminator seeds (these are seeds that are manufactured to produce a sterile crop, thereby disallowing farmers to save seeds for the following year, thus forcing them to buy more seeds), toxic pesticides (buy any Roundup lately? If so, you're killing the fish!) and then tell me if small acts like this aren't of supreme importance! We've already started to see signs of impending mass-starvation due to farmers turning away from staples and onto corn for bio-fuels, raising the prices of rice and wheat so high that rural, third world folks will no longer be able to buy food. Now they're after milk as well.

If you're reading this and you want to know more, a new documentary was aired in March on French television (ARTE – French-German cultural tv channel) by French journalist and filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin, The World According To Monsanto, a documentary that most Americans won’t ever see. The gigantic biotech corporation is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years. Please watch it. You'll be rushing to plant some tomatoes.



Anonymous said...

I just followed a link from DesignSponge and found this blog. Imagine my surprise when I'm not even here five minutes before I find this article. My friends think I'm half insane as an anti-Monsanto crusader, I suppose because they don't have a clue. Why this stuff isn't common knowledge or splattered all over the lame-stream news is beyond me, but the more of us talking about it, and coming up with some real antidotes to the option of bowing down to the Monsanto idol, the more people will know exactly what is going on and join in the rebellion.

Saving seeds has become a focus for me as well. Anything heirloom someone shares, and even things I buy that were delicious. (It's my understanding that this is illegal in some countries, thanks to Monsanto!) The whole GM issue is a grave concern, as well. So nice of them to poison a good deal of the food supply with these Franken-foods! Is it any wonder that mankind seems to be going crazy? Coincidence? I think not.

I'm really looking forward to digging in to this blog! God bless.


yvette roman davis said...

Hi Linda!

People think I'm nuts too. Nuts to them!


Anonymous said...

I also just found your blog via Design Sponge and I am wowed. I just started a FRONT YARD GARDEN this spring!!! It's not something you see every day in my town. My children & I are having a great time with it.

By the way, my parents had a front yard garden in the 70's. We grew up planting, weeding & eating in that front yard. Lovely memories.

I viewed most of the Monsanto video you posted (Google removed the video, surprise, surprise). It's so disturbing. Here is another link that would hopefully continue to exist:
The World According to Monsanto | WIDE EYE CINEMA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yvette! I am also disgusted with what Monsanto is doing to agriculture. This is a nightmare in the making. Thank you for posting this. Something as simple as saving your own tomato seeds is a great inspiration for me.


yvette roman davis said...

The link has been updated and now works again! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to show you this link. You may have already been aware of it, but since you posted the Monsanto documentary link I think this is a relevant follow-up:
OCA: Take Action

Its a petition to support "Food Agenda 2015" - relates to organics & gmo's etc