Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recipe For Madi

Cucumber Snack

One Cucumber, Cut Into Wedges
Juice Of 1/2 Lime
A Pinch Of Kosher Salt
Tapatillo Or Valentina Hot Sauce, To Taste

Mix All Ingredients In A Bowl And Serve!


PS. We have been growing cucumbers this summer, and they are just beautiful. They are a variety called "Armenian Burpless" and are ridged down the sides so that when you cut them, they look like flowers. Put them on your spring planting list!


Weeping Sore said...

Your picture looks delicious! I managed one cuke before the weather turned too hot and discouraged the rest. Nice recipe too. I'll try it as we slog into more hot dry weather. I hope it might make me cool as a cucumber.

laure said...

Thanks Yvette! What a good memory!