Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brussels Sprout Trifecta

We have two new tenants to report, who are happily co-existing with our old favorite residents the Sow Bug! Welcome to our new best pals:

The Harlequin Cabbage Bug, Who's Specialties Include, But Are Not Limited To, Sucking The Sap From The Plants Until They Fall Over Dead. She Is Featured Here With Her Truly Cool Looking Eggs:

And Her BFF / Nemesis, The White Fly, Who's Two Amazing Talents Are Competing For Sap Sucking Rights With The Harlequin Cabbage Bug, And Then Laying These Abstract Expressionist Eggs Under The Leaves They Don't Manage To Destroy!

So, To Recap And Extinguish:
The Sow Bugs Are Attacking The Roots Of The Brussels Sprout Plants (Diatomaceous Earth Will Take Care Of That)

The White Flies, When They're Not Sap-Sucking, Fly Around The Brussels Sprout Plants In A Biblical, Locust-ish Swarm (The Dr. Bronners Diluted With Water Seemed To Thwart Them - For Now)

The Harlequins? It Seems That They Just Need To Be Picked Off And Squashed By Hand. They Crunch. Yuck. Look For Them On Your Cabbages As Well.



Anonymous said...

Great photo. Those eggs look like art beads.

Adriana said...

D*mn it! I ripped out a brussels sprout plant yesterday because it was infested with sow bugs.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

which dr bronners are you using?


or traditional 'magic soap'?

yvette roman davis said...

I just use the peppermint magic soap. I'm off to the garden right now, with my squirter!