Monday, March 30, 2009

Save The Date!!

This tour, which is the first of its kind in Mar Vista, boasts some truly exquisite examples of what can happen when outdoor lawn spaces become fully realized sustainable gardens.

One of the most special things about our neighborhood is its commitment to community gardens - both Ocean View Farms, which is the largest community garden in Los Angeles (six acres, and 500 plots), and the Venice High School Learning Garden are featured on the tour. They are both remarkable places to visit. I had my first garden at Ocean View!

For a map, and a description of the featured homes, go to:

Mar Vista Garden Tour Blog

We are proud and excited to be on the tour! Please be sure to stop by our house if you go...we're doing seed starting demos and fabulous green architect Roberto Sheinberg will be here to answer your design questions!


Sherri Akers said...

We are excited about being on the tour too! Our garden has exploded with color and I can't believe how many birds we have now.

Green Jeanie said...

It has been over six months since I first visited your blog and I still find it mind-blowing!!! You are so inspiring. Thanks for being an Urban Gardener role model. I will be thinking of you during the tour, as I sit in my little patio and dispense my newfound wisdom from my sustainably-planted front yard.

David King said...

Thanks for mentioning The Learning Garden! We're very excited about the tour as well... gardens look so stunning this time of year - it should be wonderful little tour! david

My Funny Little Frog said...

Thanks for the info!! I used to live up there and often photographed all the houses I loved, in hopes of someday having my own lawn to rip out. Now I do and I can't wait to get started! I will be there.