Thursday, April 30, 2009


We won the War of the Aphids.

We lost many skirmishes, the most significant defeat being the Battle of the Ladybugs, during which we thought our entire army defected. Some accidental observation told a different story. Our Ladybug army didn't AWOL, they were eaten by sparrows. I was so charmed with the flock of sparrows that kept coming to our yard in the afternoon, hopping all over the place amongst the plants. I love having birds in the yard more than anything. I love watching them and listening to them. I try to always keep the bird feeder filled to attract them. Apparently, they like ladybugs better than birdseed. They devoured what seems to be every last one of them.

After doing some MORE research, I went back to the old reliable Diatomaceous Earth. I sprinkled it all over the Brussels Sprouts, and within three days, the aphids were gone. Gone, Gone, Gone. That was it. Finished. Kaput. Over.

Onto new bugs.


PS. Sparrow Illustration From This Website!!!

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yvette roman davis said...

Sorry adrina - I accidently deleted you comment!! Yes, I did sprinkle of onto the leaves - wherever there were aphids. After they were all gone I sprayed down the plant really well with water. It worked great! Good luck & let us know how you did. Xxx yvette