Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dog Gone

Meet Coleus Cannis, AKA "Piss Off Plant"!

This strongly scented coleus is sold in Europe, where it’s said to be a big hit. Grown in full sun to part shade, this plant is said to keep cats, dogs, bunnies, and raccoons away. You can read about them out on the web HERE. I just saw them at Marina Garden Center last week.

Here's the thing. I'm also reading that coleus plants, as well as the seeds, are poisonous (and mildly hallucinogenic, but that's a whole other story). As much as I love the idea (AND THE NAME!), I care more about the puppies and kitties than about the cat poo I have ranted about in previous posts. Then again, if they can't stand the smell of it, why would they eat it?
I'm just sayin' is all...


PS. THX to for the cool photo!

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Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I feel your dilemma. On the one hand, plants develop their poisonous attributes to keep animals from eating them, but on the other hand, is it worth the risk that the local cats missed that memo?

What about trying plants that smell like stuff that cats don't like. For example, lemon verbena and lemon basil. If you could plant them really densly along the perimeter, maybe they would be deterred? Or what about planting a border of a plant with thorns, so that the cats/dogs don't want to walk through the border to get to your dirt and other plants?