Friday, June 22, 2012


I've been seeing this around the web for the past few days and figured I'd put it up here as it's really nice looking as well as very informative. Aside from the obvious meaning for the gardener, they're also helpful for non-gardeners that like to keep their diet tied to the seasons. There are also similar charts for fruits and herbs. Prints are available for sale by the creators at their web site: Chasing Delicious

Sorry it has taken over a year to post, life has a way of interceding.


birdhouses said...

Thanks for posting this. It is incredibly useful. I will also be looking at the other ones you mentioned.

Unknown said...

Hi, welcome back to your blog :-)

We are from Québec (french speaking peoples... so hope you will excuse our poor english)
We also made a vegetable garden on the front of the house this year. We saw a newspaper article of you from 2008. We are pleased to see that your blog is still active. We come here to be inspired and learn from your experience.
Visit us on our blog if you have some free time :-)(lol for the free time)
The purpose of our blog is to educate our city councilors, and get them to not change the regulation to the vegetable garden on the front of houses. They want to ban vegetable garden on the front of houses.
Josée et Michel