Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cradle To Cradle

Here is what happened to Councilman Rosendahl's Eggs:

Breakfast For Madi And Nader (Obviously We Ate The Green Ones - Brown And White Eggs Are Just Not Fun):

Then The Shells Went Into The To-Be-Composted Container On Our Kitchen Counter, Along With Some Coffee Grounds And Carrot Tops:

And Into The Compost Bin That Fred Made:

Along With Grass Clippings, Leaves, And Other Garden And Kitchen Waste (NO MEAT OR MAMMAL POO, PLEASE, Also, Do Not Put Nut Grass, Garlic Mustard, Or Tomatoes In Your Compost. The Seeds Will Withstand The Heat And You'll Have An Invasion!)

Eventually, You'll Have This For Your Garden (The Wire Mesh Funnel Is To Aerate The Compost):

Here is a great set of plans for a home-built compost bin. The wood we used for ours is certified sustainably farmed cedar, which holds up well to moisture. Fred built ours in a day:

If you live in Los Angeles, as we do, here is a city resource that does composting classes and sells inexpensive bins:

This link explains the composting process:

Now that we're composting, we only put our city green can out about once a month, and we have more compost than we know what to do with. Also, we feel better knowing exactly what went into the compost that is going into our garden. Cradle to cradle - grow it, eat it, compost the leftovers to make ammendment to grow more food. It couldn't be more elegant.


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