Saturday, September 8, 2007

Eggsperiment Of The Week!

Eggs with Tomatoes, not just for breakfast anymore! According to Tony Kienitz (If you haven't read his book "The Year I Ate My Yard", do it NOW!):
"When transplanting tomatoes I like to provide a slow-release fertilizer that can be found and purchased quite conveniently. I buy chicken eggs in twelve packs - you're probably familiar with them. Into each freshly dug transplant hole, I put a raw egg right beside the tomato rootball. I bury the tomato all the way up the stem, leaving two or three baby leaves exposed, and then I water gently, and then I go throw rocks at the pigeons on my house.
Lots of people complain that they grow huge tomato plants but get few fruit. Why? Too much nitrogen. Everybody gets all worked up about gettin' the plants enough nitrogen, and consequently they apply way too much to the soil. Operating under the dellusion that "Everything Grows Better With Crap!" we throw bags of poop at every poor defenseless seedling. it isn't necessary. Bigger is not better.
An egg, unbroken, will slowly decompose beside the tomato. As it breaks down it will provide sulphur, which will help the plant fend off disease. finally, when the plant is well into its cycle of producing fruit, the egg will supply nitrogen, which will then be utilized to create grande tomatoes not much leaves and branches. An egg is cheap, low-tech, in the fridge, and fun."

Ok Tony. Here we go. One Tomato Siberia (yep, that's a cold season plant, just right to plant in LA in September!), One ORGANIC, FREE RANGE, HORMONE FREE Egg, and Viola, either a stinking mess, or great tomatoes. Results will be recorded here along the way! Eggseptional.


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Thanks again for the great presentation yesterday! Meg and I can't wait to see how this turns out!