Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Reason To Grow Your Own

The Environmental Protection Agency gave the go-ahead for one-year use of a new agricultural pesticide Friday, saying its own scientific review overrides health concerns expressed by more than 50 chemists and other scientists.

Methyl iodide, also known as iodomethane, will be allowed to control soil pests "under highly restrictive provisions governing its use," the EPA said in a statement.

Because it's a fumagant, we can expect both air and groundwater poisoning, not to mention that they're using this crap on strawberry fields. The strawberry is one of nature's most porous fruits (this is why it is one of the most important foods to buy Organic Only. You can't wash the stuff off if it's inside.

For more info on this brilliant act by our amazing and gifted EPA, who always puts the environment and it's living creatures first, go to:

Please Poison Me!!!


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