Friday, July 24, 2009

Favorite Things #1

Happy Friday!

I am so excited to be writing this post today. I have stumbled upon the most beautiful knives ever. We are so lucky to have two of them! The company who creates them, New West KnifeWorks, is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It just so happens that I am photographing an incredible wedding in Jackson Hole next week, and I get to have lunch with Corey Milligan, who designs the knives. I hope to be able to photograph their place and put it on the blog.

These knives are spectacular - they are completely gorgeous, perfectly balanced, and cut like nobody's business. We have the requisite Henckles knives at home, and one Wustoff, which up until now I have thought were pretty great, but really, I had no idea what I was missing.

Here they are. They come beautifully packaged in leather sheaths:

The high carbon stainless steel blades are made in Japan by The Hitachi Company, and sent to blacksmiths in Seki, Japan to be ground and hand-finished:

The handles are just amazing. They were, up until this year, created in their shop in Jackson Hole, but recently, they have moved their handle finishing to Seki as well. The knives I am showing here are from the Fusionwood Chef Knives line. The photos simply do not do justice to these knives. They are truly works of art....


Chef 8:

We will also be posting more about these amazing tools on the Meals At Home Blog, in the coming weeks. Celeste and I are going to do some knife skills demos, so be sure and watch for that! Meanwhile, sans any official knife skills, here is Fred putting the knives to the ultimate test: The Cutting Of The Tomato...

Heirloom Black Krim Tomato from the garden (YUM - my favorite of the year!):

Slicing Like BUTTAH!


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ckeller said...

Ahh, a tomato and a knife, the ultimate test!!!!