Saturday, August 8, 2009

Favorite Thing #2: Ethel Gloves

From the moment the postman arrives with the package, (and there's no mistaking his arrival every day as Gracie, our German Shepherd's, number-one-self-imposed-job is to greet the mailman by barking at the inside mail slot so loud that it can be heard in Arizona), it's clear that Ethel Gloves are special. They should win design awards for their packaging. Just opening the box is the beginning of a spectacular experience! My favorite part of the packaging (besides the entirety of the packaging), is the little plastic flower shaped nut/bolt that holds the gloves together...I'm keeping that!

But wait, there's more: the gloves themselves are BEAUTIFUL, and again, so cleverly and gorgeously designed to be functional and great looking at the same time. The grippy parts of the gloves on the fingertips are designed to look like vines (LOVE)...the fabric of the gloves is great too, as is the elastic wrist band which grips just enough to not let dirt in, but not too much to be uncomfortable. The materials the gloves are made of protect the hands but allow you to feel what you're doing as well, which I think is really important.

They come in all sorts of fabulous colors too! Also, I LOVE the little buttonholes (see the last photo), so you can hang them on the wall. You can wash 'em too! I don't know if I'll be moving cactuses in them...there's a glove for every job, and you should have a heavy leather pair as well, but for all the everyday things I do, I use this type of glove most of the time, and why not have everything you wear be adorable?

Here's the thing - I always wear garden gloves. I'm not precious about my hands at all - I don't care if they get really dirty, and I cut my nails short and don't wear nail polish. However, I have run into my share of black and brown widow spiders, who nestle into the dark corners of the garden, and inside of watering cans, and everywhere I seem to want to reach but can't see. I have also been scraped, gotten splinters, and all kinds of tiny stickery things in my hands, not to mention grubs. Did I ever tell you that I am completely grossed out by grubs? Digging around in the soil, all of a sudden they'll just pop up into your hand, much like a potato, but far less welcome. UGH. GLOVES, PLEASE.

PS. They make the most perfect gift as well...
PPS. Thank you thank you Mr. Davis for taking the photos of me...


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Adriana said...

I have the same black punk rock gardening gloves!